From idea to reality.

Hi let me introduce myself to you ! My name is Zoe and i'm 24 years old. I live together with my boyfriend in the Netherlands were I grew up, my boyfriend grew up in Ukraine. I always liked doing my hair and makeup , dressing up and styling it off with some gold jewelry.

It all started when I was about 17/ 18 years old. Still studying and working part-time. Not making much but enough for that time. But when it came to finding affordable high quality jewelry there wasn't much on the market in the style I liked.
So I thought to myself, why not start my own company and sell the quality I wanted from a product at a small and fair price point ?

So that is what I did and named it ZOLDOUT, don't forget I studied for beautician so I didn't have much knowledge on business stuff. I then watched about 200 video's on how to start a business and were to get inventory from. 

I came across some wholesalers in my country and ordered the first batch of inventory. I made a website ( now looking back a very amateur one )   and without even building followers on social media (except my family and friends who followed me) I launched the business. Now looking back that just wasn't the right way to do things. Except the first 3 orders I got from my family and friends, I didn't really sell much.
So I kept on learning , bought some books about marketing etc , watched another 1000 videos on youtube about marketing and starting a business and gave my business a make over. I made a more professional website and the thank you cards I first just wrote myself I now got professionally printed. 

I began to get a few orders here and there and was so happy with every order, big or small. 

But then after a year it didn't feel right to me anymore, the name I had chosen when I first started didn't really have a meaning and I wanted to make a fresh start. So I brain stormed and rebranded again and renamed my business. That is when SERA COLLECTIONS became reality. 

From here on I began to take things really serious because I came to the realization this was really my dream, to grow my business so I could live off of it ! 

I then took a risk, as I was still working part-time on the side. I wanted to invest all my time in my business. So I quit my job an began to work full time on my small business. It is still scary to this day that i'm taking the risk of my life. But I enjoy every minute that I work on the business and seeing it grow, slowly but I will get there. 

The support I got from you all who ordered, follows us , or even tells about us to their friends and family is amazing and I appreciate every little thing. You are not only supporting my small business but also MY DREAM ! 

-xxx- Zoe CEO & founder


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